Public Speaking

If your organization wants a dynamic and effective speaker to inspire, motivate, and give practical strategies on how to build businesses, increase sales and income or market your products and services more effectively, then Scott will deliver the results you want!

For people, groups and organizations who want to hear Scott speak about his survival and near-death “comeback” from emergency, middle of the night, aortic dissection surgery (which is usually 90%-95% fatal) he will gladly address your group or organization based on his two books and the surgical, medical and health records they contain. One book also includes a free downloadable video.

If your group wants to learn how Scott lost fifty pounds in sixty two days – ALL NATURALLY – and has kept the weight off almost thirty years, he would love to speak to your group. Add the easy fitness component and your members will lose weight, get fit, easy (for men and women).

Scott’s fees are very affordable for any organization.

There are 3 videos in this section of my website. Each is 1:45 to 3:20 minutes long. They are live examples of me speaking, albeit briefly, on each subject: Business and Organization Speaking & Consulting, Heart Disease and Aortic Dissections and Lose Weight, Get Fit EASY! As these are serious topics, I have a serious introduction to all three. However, when speaking for longer periods of time, I am much more jovial and interactive with my audiences. I will be updating this website,, with more brief videos that will show my ‘Less Serious’ side. Serious subjects, in my view, should be introduced as such, then engage an audience in humor and interaction once the “seriousness” of each topic is introduced in a forthright manner- which is my style. People often tell me I seem very credible for using this approach, which has served me well through the years. Please “View Me” in this context.

Thanks, Scott Pribyl