About Me

Scott Pribyl, Green Bay, WI is an author and dynamic public speaker. He has a Business Marketing Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Wisconsin and a Master’s Degree Certification (not a formal MBA), from the Management Institute, University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has been a marketing, sales and division manager for Fortune 500 companies as well as an account manager for another. He has been fortunate to have received more than 50 awards for accomplishment during his career.

Scott has been a dynamic and motivational public speaker for many years, speaking to 9000 people. As a result of his career experiences, he gives inspirational public speaking presentations to help businesses and organizations increase their annual income and revenue 20% to 50%, which he did for more than 30 years and can document. He will speak to any size company or organization on an international, national, regional or local basis.

Scott has authored two books, Miracle Man: Beating the Odds; Cheating Death ISBN 9780692725719, which narrates his virtually impossible survival and comeback from certain death (3 Emergency Aortic Dissections, 2008). This authenticated true story includes surgical, hospital and medical records to give hope and inspiration to anyone who has faced a life-changing event: injury, illness, divorce, business/job/career/financial loss (all of which he has experienced) or any other major problem people may face in their lifetime.

Scott’s second book, Lose Weight Get Fit EASY- for Men and Women, ISBN 9781973825722, written 9 years AFTER his aortic dissection details his weight loss and fitness program. This is a must read for people who want to lose weight permanently and get fit using light weights. People over the age of 21 will benefit most, although every adult is encouraged to use Pribyl’s unique methods. Scott needed eight years to devise this method of 100% natural, permanent weight loss. It is based on his weight loss of 50 pounds in just 62 days in 1990. He has kept the weight off since, while eating virtually anything he desires. Pribyl focuses on context and sequence of how we eat, NOT the content!

On top of everything else Scott was a competitive power lifter for almost 30 years, winning many trophies and setting two Wisconsin state records in the process.